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Welcoming 2021 with a Balanced Mind. 5 Things You Can Do Today to Prepare Yourself for the New Year!

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

2020 has been a year filled with new and challenging situations, most of us were not mentality, emotionally, physically or even spiritually prepare for the many changes that we experienced this year. The great thing is you have survived 2020, the Year of Vision. This shows your power and strength to handle uncomfortable obstacles and situations that may come your way. Before you read any further; set the intention that you are powerful and you have a purpose in this life, on this planet. You have the power to gain balance within yourself and your life. You can set your intentions and goals with a balanced mind for 2021 now! Here are some steps you can take to prepare for 2021.

1.Yesterday, was a full Moon! Not to worry, if you did not know, the moon’s energy is still extraordinarily strong; you have up to New Year’s Eve to work with this beautiful energy. Working with the moon’s energy as you release what no longer serves you is a great way to shed what will no longer serve you in the New Year ahead as well as to welcome 2021. Full moons give the energy of releasement. The moon energy will be strong three days before and after the day that the full moon appears. On a piece of paper write down what no longer served you in 2020, why bring that energy into 2021?! Write down what you want to release before you enter the New Year. After you have written what will no longer serve you as you enter 2021, visualize what you want to release from your life. Next, you can burn your list. To help manifest your desires quicker you can write down each thing you want to release/no longer serves you on a bay leaf and burn it. Please be careful when burning your paper or bay leaf!

2. Create a vision board! Creating a vision board allows you to manifest what you seek by allowing you to visualize your goals/desires. What is it you are seeking in 2021? Find pictures from a magazine, print pictures from online, etc. and use them on your vision board. You can add quotes to your vision board as well. Where you place your vision board is also important. Place your board where you will be able to view it daily. Viewing your vision board daily will remind you about your goals and help you regain balance to achieve your goals in 2021. Once you achieve what you desire, update your vision board. It is important to make sure that your vision board is in a good location where it can be viewed daily and often, and that you update it as needed. You can also make more than one vision board. You can create a vision board for each of your body systems MEPS (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual systems of self).

3. Buy and utilize a planner!! Planners are extremely helpful with helping one to stay organized. When you can keep track of your task and stay organized, you will begin to feel balanced. Every day, before I begin my day, I take a moment to review my planner to see what important task I need to achieve for the day and even the week. When you take time before you start your day to review your planner, it will help remind you of your priorities. Planners are a great tool/resource to help you stay on track of your daily task.

4. Journal, that’s right! If you read a few of my blogs, you’ll know that I often discuss how important it is to allow the time for journaling. If you have a hectic schedule, or journaling just isn’t your thing. try to commit to a weekly, bi-weekly or even a monthly journal entry. With each new journal entry, begin with setting your intentions and goals that you would like to achieve by your next journal entry. Setting intentions and writing down your goals is a powerful way in which you can add accountability to your life. Let 2021 be your year of growth! What did 2020 show you that you needed to work on?? What improvements can you make to allow yourself the space to heal and grow!? Let your intentions set the path, the energy on what you want to achieve for this beautiful new year. Hello 2021!

5. Create a wellness schedule. 2020 has showed us that having a healthy immune system and mental mind frame will help us prepare for any unforeseen situations. So, let us prepare now!! When you felt stress in 2020, what healthy actions did you take to regain balance? Did it work?? What can you do now that will enhance your wellness practice to help you build a protective shield? What times of the day do you need to engage in your practice? Here is how I am welcoming 2021 with my wellness schedule. Please note, it is important to be realistic with your time as you create your wellness schedule. Also, it is okay to change your schedule if it no longer serves you. You are the creator of your life and your schedule should reflect that.

6am-6:45am- Yoga

6:45-7:15am- AM meditation

8:00pm-8:30- PM meditation

8:35pm – 8:50pm- Journal entry

8:50pm-9:30pm- Reading

9:30pm- Rest

Sunday’s – 2 hrs of Self-Care practice

You have to ability and the choice to live a balanced life! If you are seeking guidance on how to achieve balance within your systems of self, contact me to schedule your life coach and Wellness appointment today. How are you planning to welcome 2021?!

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