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Getting your Vitamin D Naturally During the Fall Season

Ahh, we are finally in the sweater weather, Fall is here. As the weather changes and gets cooler it’s important to get a similar amount of vitamin D that we receive during the spring and summer. Let’s look at how we can naturally receive vitamin D into our bodies to improve our immune systems. When we support our immune system, we are helping to restore and heal our bodies.

Why is Vitamin D important to us:

Vitamin D

· Helps form and keep bones and teeth

· Helps nerves carry messages between the brain and the body.

· Keeps your gut healthy

· Supports our immune system

· Helps support our muscles' contract

· Protects the blood vessels

· Research also suggests that low vitamin D levels may be a risk factor for autoimmune diseases

During the spring and summer seasons, it's warmer so more people tend to go outside more and participate in outdoor activities. This allows for more vitamin D consumption compared to the other seasons. During the fall season, we can incorporate more vitamin D by going out on walks during the sun's peak hours. The next way is through our food! Consuming whole foods high in vitamin D can make a huge difference in our bodies during the fall season. Here are some foods that are high in vitamin D:


· Apricot

· Avocado

· Banana

· Bell Pepper

· Orange

· Papaya

· Mango


· Mushrooms (Highest of all plant base)

· Spinach

· Humans

· Squash

· Broccoli

· Carrot

· Sweet potato


· Oatmeal

· Cereal

As you can see, vitamin D can be incorporated easily into our diet by reaching for some of the whole foods listed above. When we nourish our bodies, we help heal and restore our bodies. Know that you are powerful! As always, I hope this information has been helpful in allowing you to find balance in your life.

-Gaining Harmony within,


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