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Say yes to WATER!

Say yes to water! Why say yes?? Increasing your water intake has many benefits that can literally improve and extend your life. Drinking water and making sure you stay hydrated is very beneficial to your overall health!! Drinking 2-5 cups of room temperature water when you first wake up in the morning is a great detox and it helps simulate your organs by sending a message of "Wake up"! It’s like putting gas in your car before going on a road trip. Staying hydrated has many benefits for your heart! Our hearts do a lot of work and is always working; even when we’re resting. Drinking water and staying hydrated allows our blood to flow quickly through the body. When this happens we help or heart do its job. When you’re dehydrated your heart pumps faster then normal to help your blood circulate through the body. Drinking just one cup of water before you sleep can help prevent heart attack’s! Check out this article by “UPMC Health Beat” for other benefits of water for your heart. Increasing your water intake water is very beneficial for individuals who exercise and who play sports. Water acts as an lubricated cushion for your spinal cord, joints, bones, muscles and brain. When you’re hydrated the water turns into moisture and travels to the sensitive areas of your body and helps protects you. When I exercise or have an active day ahead; I drink only water for the day. 💦 Now go drink some water and enjoy your weekend.


I hope this blog was helpful for you. Please share so others can gain the knowledge of health and to say yes to water!


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