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Releasing 2019 and Bringing in 2020 with a New Positive Attitude


Welcome to a New Year and New Decade!

Let's take a moment think about all that we have learned in 2019. Many of us had a lot of ups and downs in 2019; however this is the rhythm of life! There will never be a moment when everything will only be up and 'perfect'. What matters is our attitude when dealing with different experiences/situations. Are you letting your past hold you down and blocking you from unlimited abundance that the Universe has for you?!? Or are you taking a moment to be still? meditating daily to discover why you are even experiencing this moment? Everything you ever experienced and will experience is building you up to this exact moment and future moments. There is no coincidence in life, every experience you see, hear, feel, dream, smell, sense is building you for your future! Knowing this, let’s leave the pain, sorrow and fear in 2019! When I have a difficult time releasing what no longer serves me, I take a moment to be still. I increase my meditation, planning, napping, yoga, nature walks, going outside and journaling time. Increasing my self-care/self-development time allows me to ground myself and regain focus and balance into my life. Some other modalities I increase are: using affirmations, Matras, taking the day for self-care (taking a bath, doing my nails/hair, reading, watching a funny movie). Here are some modalities others use when they feel they are living in the past and not the present. In the article “How to Let Go of Things from the Past” from by: Sara Lindberg, she list 12 ways or modalities that others have use to move forward with their life. This is just the beginning of 2020, if you feel like you’re having a difficult time leaving 2019 in the past and moving forward with a positive attitude, I suggest dealing with the core issue now. Don’t wait until the middle or the end of the year to remove blockages from your life. Redevelop your mind to develop a positive and successful attitude. It is with your attitude that you will makes the changes needed to create the future you desire. It is not just the beginning of a New Year, but also a New Decade!!! Affirm what you want to experience this New Decade!


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