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Pain Be Gone!

Pain is an unwanted feeling. The pain doesn’t go away, in fact the pain continues and so does the usage of taking a pill, thereby creating an addiction to the medication. These side effects attacks the subject’s organs, thus causing bodily harm. Most people don’t ask the questions “Why are these pills not healing me?” “Why do I still feel pain, I’ve been using these pills for years?” “Why do these pills cost so much money?” Pharmaceutical medicine is not meant to heal you! It is meant to allow you to cope with your symptoms.

Allowing you to cope.

Let’s think about this, to cope is for one to be able to deal or handle something. If a subject is able to cope with their pain, they will always come and buy more medicine. The “pain” pill is the coping mechanism.When you take the “pain” pill away your pain can become unbearable at times. So, the average person continues to purchase the “pain” pill. 

Most people are not told there are other options for pain relief. Options that is not harmful to your body. Options that will help heal you! The two that stood out to me was essential oils and herbs. Essential oils and herbs have been used for many of centuries. Our ancestors relied on them and they worked. So the question then becomes, “So why are people not using these options?”

Well, it’s simple.