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Opening the Doors to your Desires

As humans we all desire something, from achieving goals to receiving more abundance. Whatever your desire is there is a key that will allow you to open the door to achieve that desire. This key, believe it or is already in your pocket, discovering what pocket it’s in and how to use the key to open the door to your desires is what I’m going to share with you. The key is your mind! As simply as it sounds your mind will unlock any door you desire. Knowing how to turn the key is very important. For you to understand and know which way to turn the key you must go to the door knowing and believing that it will open for you.

What you think of daily is the result of your reality. We first must develop our minds to have the attitude that we can and will unlock any door that we desire. Once we develop the attitude that we will open the door, the door will open. The door will open because that is what you want it to do. If you turn the key right and it doesn’t open, then turn the key left to open the door. When you try another way, you are now being proactive and committed to opening the door. When we develop our minds to become proactive and committed, we are training our minds and therefore learning a new habit; the habit that there are no excuses. To open the door, we must be committed to turning the key. We must be proactive to try serial ways if needed to unlock the door. Once we develop the habit of turning the key to unlock the door, we can now walk in the door to our desires. A habit takes time to develop, which is why it’s important to wake up with the attitude that you will be proactive and committed to work on your mind daily. Now if you get to the door and you want to open it, but you think you can’t because of the size of that door. You will need to step back from the door and talk with yourself. Most of the time we will talk ourselves out of even trying to unlock a door before we put the key in. If this happens, you need to think and talk to yourself about t