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Manifestation a Powerful Resource within Us


Manifesting is a resource that we all have within us however, many people are unaware of how powerful their spirit is and/or how to manifest. A lot of successful people who are ask how they became successful, will say they just believe it would happen, or they just knew it was possible because it was no other option for them. Manifestation is defined as an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea. What ideas are you creating about your life? Affirm the life you will live! The universe is always listening to us, whether its positive or negative. Therefore, it's very important to be mindful of your thoughts and to be proactive by working on your mind. Whatever you can think you can create, so think and become positive. If you have a negative thought, think of 3 positive thoughts. You have the power to manifest anything!!! So why don’t we all have everything we want, because of our thoughts. When you're manifesting you must believe, think, know and see yourself doing what you want. Visualize yourself in your dream house, in a new car, making more money, overcoming childhood trauma, having better health etc. Next be proactive by preparing yourself for your blessings, because it is coming. Know and believe that you can live the life you want. I've personally been manifesting for some years now. When I manifest, I think of a blessing I want to receive. Then I write down what I want, I visualize myself having/doing/being what I want. Then I believe its possible and only think of that way. I don't see another way; I know I will receive my blessing[s]. I say my blessings not in my present state but my future state. The universe knows am asking for my blessings because that is the message, I am sending therefore I am attracting what I want. I also always recognize and show gratitude for the blessings I have already received. Stop doubting yourself/goals/future because when you do, you're attracting and sending a message, a message of you're not ready for your blessings! Why, because the universe will always give you for what you attract! We all at one point hear the statement "you are what you think you are". Manifesting is a powerful tool that we all can use. However, most people talk themselves out of their blessings before it is even created. What will you manifest??

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