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Loving Yourself- The importance of self-love

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Happy Friday! For most, the workweek is over, and the weekend is here. All over media and in most environments that we pass or enter we know that it is Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re celebrating this “lover’s holiday” or not, there is an important message that Valentine’s Day has and that is “Its ok to show love”. Showing love to others is important because it allows others to know that you love them and care for them. However, the message of “It’s ok to show love” should not just be done on one day out of the year or only to whom we love. We need to give love to ourselves as well. It is highly important to show and give yourself love daily. Self-love is a concept that most people are not aware of, or something that most don’t do.

Self-love is having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness. It’s the act of taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. Self-love is not settling for less than you deserve and having/gaining healthy boundaries and relationships. There are many ways we can show love to ourselves. It is important to always be mindful to love yourself first, because one can not love another if they don’t understand what love truly is. I understand that at times due to different situations it may be hard to make the time for self-love. Try one of these practices/ rituals I use for my self-love practices and journal about how it makes you feel after your practice.

I started to truly understand the practice and the importance of self-love as I was going through my divorce a few years ago. The practices I use has helped me to gain a better understanding of who I am, what I want, need, and deserve in my life. Every self-love practice I learned and used during that time, I still use today and will use for the rest of my life because I love myself. Practicing self-love has brought me much happiness, peace and healthier relationships in my life! Here are the self-love practices I use in my life to show love to myself:

1.Never speak bad about yourself- every thought you create, also creates your reality.

2. Set healthy boundaries in all areas in your life- work, family, relationships. Creating a mission statement for your life will help you discover the healthy boundaries you require.

3.Don’t be afraid to say no- if something doesn’t feel right its ok to say No.

4.Let go of what you can’t control- you can only control your thoughts and actions, not others.

5.Release what no longer serves you- as you elevate to higher levels releasing what no longer serves you will allow you to make space for new energy.

6.Stay away from drama and negativity- what you surround yourself with, will also enter in your aura.

7.Write down 5 things that make you happy/grateful for- read this list on days when you don’t feel your best.

8.Spend time in nature- as often as you can.

9.Take a nap- Taking a 20min nap can help give you more energy.

10.Read- Try to read 2 books a month.

11.At home spa- turn your bathroom into a spa. Twice a month, do a facial and take a bath. Add essential oils and flowers into your bath.

12.Make a vision board- Creating a vision board will allow you to visually see your goals.

13. Give yourself daily affirmations- this will help you develop your mental body system.

14.Do Yoga- Yoga has many benefits for your body and mind that will help you gain self-love, balance, strength and focus in your life and body

15.Talk- Call a friend or family member- isolation causes depression!

16.Music- Listening to hz frequency music helps align your chakras and promotes healing and positive energy.

17.Eating whole foods- having a plant base diet or increasing whole foods into your diet will allow you to feel happier! Plants add oxygen into your body, allowing you to feel better inside. Try eating a banana if you’re feeling sad.

18.Do more of what makes you happy- if you enjoy art, go to an art exhibit.

19.Meditate and pray daily- Mediating daily allows you to hear your higher self. Praying allows you to speak with God, Divine, higher power.

20. Journal- Journaling daily will allow you to see patterns in your life.

21.Be Proud of yourself- Find one thing that you did that you’re proud of daily.

22.Forgive yourself- You did the best you could with the knowledge that you had!

23. Drink water- staying hydrated is the key to happiness, each organ is made from 70% or more of water. Giving your body what it needs is a great way to show love.

24.Show and give love to others- what you release into the Universe you shall also receive!

25. Date yourself- Going on a date with yourself is one of the most refreshing things you can do for yourself. Solitude is very important in learning, understanding, and knowing yourself. This will allow you time to yourself so you can make the decisions/changes that is needed in your life.


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