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De-cluttering your space for better health: How clutter affects your body systems

Most people are unaware of the connection between your space and your mind. Everything in life is interconnected. I noticed at a young age that when my room was messy, it affected me in a negative way. As I got older, I realized that having things in order or de-cluttered really helped to lower my anxiety. As an integrative wellness and life coach, I coach my clients all the time on how their body systems are interconnected. In fact, researchers have done case studies to look at the correlation between a person's environment and how their mind functions. They found that clearing away clutter help improved one’s focus. It also increased productivity and made it easier for the mind to process information. When we are in an environment that is not organized and clean, it affects our ability to think effectively. When one is surrounded by clutter, they began to develop a “mental clutter”. Mental clutter happens when our mind has a difficult time processing information due to it being over stimulated. The human mind is in a constant state of processing and analyzing information. When you are in a cluttered environment your brain is analyzing and processing the clutter and daily information that you see. An example of this is going to the library to read a book but every second you are given a new book. After a while, your mind is no longer keeping up with the original book you initially started reading. Now you are unfocused because your mind is in a process of analyzing every book that you see. Statistics show us that people who live or work in clutter environments have a difficult time with sleeping patterns, anxiety, coping strategies, are less focused, and develop poor eating habits. Therefore making a habit of keeping your home and work environment clean will also have great benefits on your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body systems!

Cleaning and de-cluttering not only helps to keep you focused and organized but also enables you to have a clear mind. If you are having a difficult time with anxiety and sleeping patterns and focus, reexamine your environment and decide whether it needs to be de-cluttered. A clean environment creates a clean and peaceful mind. If you are tired of living in clutter and do not know how to fix your environment, develop an action plan. An action plan is a plan designed to help keep you on track by planning sub-goals under your main goal(s). If you feel an action plan is needed so you can have a more balanced life but you are unsure of how to create one, please contact me at or for more information.


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